These Old Boots

Lots of us have an old pair of boots in the wardrobe, we are reluctant to throw out. So why not re-imagine them and extend their life

Old Boots

Here are the sad well loved Riding Boots belonging to my Hubby Dave they have a long history of use, quite a bit of it during his years working in the film world.

list of supplies used

Black Powertex

Silver Pigment

Black Pigment


Chamois leather- laces – skull Studs

He started out cutting his chamois leather to fit and then massaged black Powertex in until it was completely covered, he then wrapped it around each boot leaving about an inch gap at the front, this is where it will lace up. Then it was onto fixing on the studs, evenly placing them the length of the boot.

He allowed it to dry overnight at this stage, so that the chamois would grip firmly

The Tops

Now the tops were measured against the now dry boot and cut out to size. The same massaging in the Powertex and fitting onto the Boot tops, so this would look like a turn down

Again this was left to dry overnight

The finishing stages

Holes were punched into the chamois to Thread the laces through and to add a touch of dash to the edges and skulls they were lightly dry brushed with Silver Colourtix.. The final touch was to mix the Powerwax with Black pigment and rub it into the foot of the boot, he wanted to leave this area of the boot very flexible so they could still be worn.

The Finished Boots

Very Dashing they look to. Please leave your thoughts and if you have any Powertex projects why not show them on The Powertex Studio FB page.

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Thank you for reading will be back soon with more ideas Patricia

Tree Panel

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Tree Panel

I was recently given the chance to work on a fabulous tree panel. I would have loved to spend a lot of time on this piece but I had only 1 day to complete the work, there was so much potential for this piece,  given the time restraints this is what I came up with.

Back of panel coated with Black Powertex

Stage One

I first coated the back with Black Powertex to give it a neat finish and the front a coating of Bronze Powertex

Front of Tree Panel coated with bronze Powertex

Adding Texture

Then the fun  begins I started to add strips of ribbed t-shirt fabric to the trunk of the tree to give it some depth, 3d sand and balls sprinkled on for another layer of texture

Finished Tree Panel

I added a plaster door for an added bit of magic. Finally I dry brushed using Powertex

Colourtrix, I used Terragreen , Bronze Gold and Rich Gold

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