Tree Panel

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Tree Panel

I was recently given the chance to work on a fabulous tree panel. I would have loved to spend a lot of time on this piece but I had only 1 day to complete the work, there was so much potential for this piece,  given the time restraints this is what I came up with.

Back of panel coated with Black Powertex

Stage One

I first coated the back with Black Powertex to give it a neat finish and the front a coating of Bronze Powertex

Front of Tree Panel coated with bronze Powertex

Adding Texture

Then the fun  begins I started to add strips of ribbed t-shirt fabric to the trunk of the tree to give it some depth, 3d sand and balls sprinkled on for another layer of texture

Finished Tree Panel

I added a plaster door for an added bit of magic. Finally I dry brushed using Powertex

Colourtrix, I used Terragreen , Bronze Gold and Rich Gold

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Patricia (Alex Henry)