These Old Boots

Lots of us have an old pair of boots in the wardrobe, we are reluctant to throw out. So why not re-imagine them and extend their life

Old Boots

Here are the sad well loved Riding Boots belonging to my Hubby Dave they have a long history of use, quite a bit of it during his years working in the film world.

list of supplies used

Black Powertex

Silver Pigment

Black Pigment


Chamois leather- laces – skull Studs

He started out cutting his chamois leather to fit and then massaged black Powertex in until it was completely covered, he then wrapped it around each boot leaving about an inch gap at the front, this is where it will lace up. Then it was onto fixing on the studs, evenly placing them the length of the boot.

He allowed it to dry overnight at this stage, so that the chamois would grip firmly

The Tops

Now the tops were measured against the now dry boot and cut out to size. The same massaging in the Powertex and fitting onto the Boot tops, so this would look like a turn down

Again this was left to dry overnight

The finishing stages

Holes were punched into the chamois to Thread the laces through and to add a touch of dash to the edges and skulls they were lightly dry brushed with Silver Colourtix.. The final touch was to mix the Powerwax with Black pigment and rub it into the foot of the boot, he wanted to leave this area of the boot very flexible so they could still be worn.

The Finished Boots

Very Dashing they look to. Please leave your thoughts and if you have any Powertex projects why not show them on The Powertex Studio FB page.

I have lots of other Projects I have worked on for you to see on Alex Henry Mixed Media

Thank you for reading will be back soon with more ideas Patricia

Powertex Art Doll

Powertex   was recently on Hochanda and as A guest Blogger on The Design Team I had the delightful chance to create my version of The Art Doll.  Not a doll in the conventional way, much more a creative arty way. I really enjoyed having a play and can see me doing a lot more of these. So Here is how he was created

Mdf Pieces and skull for my Art Doll

First up was looking at what I had and making a few decisions on layout colours etc.

I lined up all my pieces to see exactly what I had and did a few trial layouts although it has to be said I changed this several times as I went along, but it does help to have an initial idea in your head, just not set in stone. I also added a few other bits a pieces from my crafty stash.

Having  decided on a Layout I always take a photograph to refer back to, helps when changing things, allowing you to look back before making your final decision and starting to glue bits in position nothing worse that getting it all glued down and deciding it is not quite to your liking. I do also put a bit of thought into colours at this stage, again this can all change

Trial layout for my Art Doll
art doll products

I decided on Black Powertex  as a base colour as this gives lovely depth and shadows on the finished project.  A few  3D Balls in various sizes add lovely texture. When I have finished sticking everything in place using Powertex I allow this to dry overnight. Then I start on the delightful job of Dry Brushing using pigments. I chose Orange for a splash of brightness, Green parrot for contrast and touches of Lipstick Fizz for shine and finally Limoncello Gold for Bling

I am very fond of Gothic styles but do not to limit myself to solely that, so this was a suggestion of that and everything else even a touch of Caribbean I would say, what do you think. Some one even said it looked a bit Witch Doctor ish.

My Art Doll – As seen On Hochanda

Finished Art Doll

All in all I was very pleased with the result and can most definitely see myself doing a lot more of these. If you would like to have a go at your own I do workshops in the Rugby Area contact me on Alex Henry Mixed Media Artist on FB to help you, or go to Powertex Uk and find a Tutor near you

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Patricia (Alex Henry)

Reptile Mask

I have always had a fondness for all things reptile and Dragon. They are truly magical creatures with the most amazing textures and colours, so when I saw the new Moulds from Katy Sue I just had to have them. I have been wanting to work on some masks recently and as soon as I had ordered my moulds I started working on ideas. You can imagine my excitement when they arrived on my doorstep. I couldn’t wait to get started

Prepping my materials

I chose a nice sturdy Paper Mache mask to work on. A metal Base for mounting the mask when finished Green Powertex and a paper clay for moulding . Stone art would be perfect for this

First I coated my mask with Powertex to seal it, any colour will do I then moulded pieces to cover the face, when I had finished arranging to my liking I allowed it to dry overnight.

Masked covered with paper clay

Starting to add colour

I gave the whole mask a coat of Green Powertex. While it was still wet I sprayed quite liberally with Bister I chose Blue and Yellow. You can get some really lovely effects and depth to your projects. I let it dry completely before the next stage.


Dry brushing with pigments brings out all the magic and texture in your work. For this project I used three shades of Green, Ginger, Olive and lime with a touch of Purple and then Gold for a touch of Bling

I started with the darkest of the greens brushing where natural shadows would fall, then moving up with the next shade and onto the lightest on the places the light would fall. Just choose a direction you think the light is coming from, there are no hard and fast rules here unless you know where your going to stand your piece, you can then see where your light source is. I then added touches of the purple here and there to give a different dimension. Finally as I love a bit of Bling I added The gold to make it pop.The final touch is the eyes, now you can go quite overboard here depending on the look you want. I stayed with the Gold

Play Days

Why don’t you have a Powertex Playday and see what you can create. Don’t forget to share on Powertex Addicts , so we can see your works of art.

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Patricia (Alex Henry)

Tree Panel

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Tree Panel

I was recently given the chance to work on a fabulous tree panel. I would have loved to spend a lot of time on this piece but I had only 1 day to complete the work, there was so much potential for this piece,  given the time restraints this is what I came up with.

Back of panel coated with Black Powertex

Stage One

I first coated the back with Black Powertex to give it a neat finish and the front a coating of Bronze Powertex

Front of Tree Panel coated with bronze Powertex

Adding Texture

Then the fun  begins I started to add strips of ribbed t-shirt fabric to the trunk of the tree to give it some depth, 3d sand and balls sprinkled on for another layer of texture

Finished Tree Panel

I added a plaster door for an added bit of magic. Finally I dry brushed using Powertex

Colourtrix, I used Terragreen , Bronze Gold and Rich Gold

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